Irene Stapleford, fine art paintings

Irene Stapleford
fine art paintings

Thanks for visiting. Consider giving original art as a unique and memorable gift. Upcoming shows in 2019 include solo exhibits at the Acton Memorial Library, March-April, and McCusker's Market in Shelburne Falls, MA, in June. Hope you can join me for the opening reception at one or both of these shows.

The tension between movement and stillness informs my artwork. I find inspiration in landscape, memory, and dreams. Color is central to the mood and emotional resonance of each painting. Abstract forms and patterns are juxtaposed with storytelling or dreamed imagery, incorporating energetic, expressive brushstrokes, tree branches’ organic geometry, and vintage imagery. Washy, translucent glazes of acrylic are gradually applied, sanded away, and sealed under new glazes, creating layered atmospheres of subtle color, image transfers, and patterns of dots, stripes, or triangles. The interplay between graphic imagery and painterly color creates exciting juxtapositions and may raise questions about painting vs. printmaking. I consider myself a painter, but have also been influenced by my graphic design work, finding much to explore in the intersection of paint and image manipulation software.

A practicing artist and graphic designer, Irene Stapleford has lived in West Concord, Massachusetts since 2011. She has previously resided in Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New York, California and New Jersey, calling New England home since 1996. She earned her BA and MFA in fine art, and has been engaged in making and exhibiting artwork for as long as she can remember. Stapleford has taught classes in both fine and digital art at a number of area institutions, including the DeCordova Museum and the Worcester Museum of Art.