Irene Stapleford, fine art paintings

Copies of my Sightlines book (signed, limited edition of 50) are still available, supplies are limited. Find the listing here or in my etsy wantknot shop, and let me know if you'd like a custom inscription.

Artist Statement:
Inspired by landscapes, dreams, and memories, I make paintings incorporating energetic gesture, layered color, organic geometry such as tree branches, triangle or dot patterns, and sometimes digitally manipulated figures or objects via image transfer.

Upstretched arms of tree branches, tracing imperceptible yet undeniable growth and linear form, has been a recurring theme, both in landscape and abstraction. Working outside painting directly from the subject allows particular, distinct tree “personalities” to emerge. Trees affect quality of life, yet are overlooked and underappreciated: unsung climate change heroes, property value anchors, intelligent elders, and constant, gracious companions.

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A practicing artist and graphic designer, Irene Stapleford earned her BA and MFA in fine art. She has taught classes in both fine art and graphic design at the deCordova, Worcester Museum of Art, Greenfield Community College, and University of Southern Maine.